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20th December 2011

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Drunk History Christmas with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes from Ryan Gosling

i laughed and i laughed.

2nd October 2011

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Sometimes a stuffed up, cranky, teething boy just needs to nap on his mama. And I’m ok with that.

Sometimes a stuffed up, cranky, teething boy just needs to nap on his mama. And I’m ok with that.

28th June 2011

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'pinspired' →

Getting so pumped for sister’s babe shower…can’t even wait to make this stuff.

24th June 2011

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i really really really really really love my friends.

and my husband.

and my son.

also, spaghetti.

21st June 2011

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A Recurring Dream

It’s nearing the end of the semester and I’m in a panic because I just remembered I have a math class that I haven’t attended since the first week of school. I could try to make up the assignments, but there are 3 months’ worth and I haven’t seen the professor since that first day. Plus, I suck at math. Also, I lost my book. I think it’s in my “locker” somewhere, but this is college and we don’t have lockers…so no one knows where they are. If I don’t pass the class, I won’t graduate. It usually ends with me going to the final exam, but then I can’t find the classroom because I’m in some sort of labyrinth, coping with the fact that I’ll have to tell the professor I’ll be retaking his class all because I forgot about it the first time. Ugh.

I have this dream at least three times per year. Another interesting note: I haven’t had a math class in 7 years.

I wonder how far you have to be out of college before you stop having panic dreams like this…

10th May 2011

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If you liked my bod challenge post, I can only assume you’ll body sculpt with me. Class starts at 530am, I’ll bring the muscle milk.

Can I?? Please??

9th May 2011

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Dear Aunt Katie,
I like tuttles.

Dear Aunt Katie,

I like tuttles.

6th May 2011

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could anything be better?

could anything be better?

24th April 2011

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Feeling Obsolete

This weekend my babe decided he knows how to hold a bottle while eating and get himself to fall asleep without being rocked or held. I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when he goes to Kindergarten…or worse, gets married. Proud mama’s tearin’ up over here!

23rd April 2011

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You would be a great comedian…if the audience was full of you’s.
— Husband…speakin’ the truth!